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We are a small in-home cattery in Cincinnati that specializes in the traditional Ragdoll colors of Bluepoint and Sealpoint, and mitted, bicolor and colorpoint patterns.  All of our ragdolls are underfoot and a part of our family.  We do not cage our cats.

We began our love of the Ragdoll with our first pet kitten.  We began showing him and we were hooked by the Cat Fancy and the world of Ragdolls.  After showing for a few years, learning the standards of the breed, and making friends with other Ragdoll breeders, we began setting up our cattery and breeding Ragdolls.  It has grown into our passion.

We invite you to visit our wonderful, beautiful Ragdolls on our web site and please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our available Ragdoll kittens.  We only breed a few litters a year to allow time for the kittens to be well socialized, so we do accept non-refundable deposits to reserve a kitten in our upcoming litters.

All of our breeding cats or their parents have been DNA tested for the known mutation for HCM in Ragdolls (a known cardiac problem in all breeds of cats) and all have tested negative.

I am also proud to be a member and participant in the large ragdoll organizations.  I was the Chair of the Grievance Committee in Ragdoll Fanciers Club, International for many years.  I also served as the Chair of the TICA Ragdoll Breed Committee.  Serving in this way helps me keep updated in what is going on in the ragdoll community.


Our kittens must be indoor only pets and may not be declawed.

We do not ship our pet kittens!



Do not be taken in by breeders promising “Rare” mink, solid, and sepia ragdolls!!

The solid, mink and sepia ragdolls are not recognized as meeting the standard 
for the ragdoll breed in any of the large cat registries.

The ragdoll is a blue-eyed pointed cat!!!

GalaxyRags is a TICA and CFA Registered Cattery

Cincinnati, OH

Previous Chair, TICA Ragdoll Breed Committee

Previous Chair, RFCI Grievance Committee

Member of TICA, CFA, and RFCI

More information about us or our Ragdoll Kittens for sale, please contact us!


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